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ABC EasyContents is a content management system is perfect for researcher / supervisor / web designers who create research presentation websites or online applications for small to medium research project. Manage the news, banners, and SEO of your academic website. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made ABC EasyContents the most popular web site software available. You can choose a number of themes and layouts included in the software. Best of all, ABC EasyContents is a solution that can be easily tailored for your needs which allows for flexibility.

ABC EasyContents Features
ABC EasyContents incorporates number of features and modules required for the most demanding academic / business websites. You can enable and disable custom features that makes your site unique from the powerful administrative control panel with just one click. This flexibility allows you to customize your website as you envision it. In addition, you can select from number of themes and layouts included in the software. Main Features:

Unlimited Pages: Compose, draft any number of pages.
Mulitple Themes: Select from number of professional templates that matches your business. Or you can add a new theme.
Contact Forms: Add contact forms to the site and manage the leads from the website effectively. Get customer feedbacks/enquiry directly on your fax machine.
Careers: Add career section to your site instantly to post jobs and receive / manage job applications.
Poweful Administration: Powerful administration allows you to control every bit of your site
SEO friendly design: Manage SEO meta tags from the administration panel
Content Management: Users can edit content on different pages from the admin panel
News Management: Users can edit news contents from the admin panel
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